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DATE: November 1, 2005

HEADLINE: Redstone Federal Credit Union and WIP provide Hurricane Katrina assistance in Mississippi.


Soon after Hurricane Katrina caused financial institutions throughtout the Gulf Coast to close their doors, Redstone Federal Credit Union (based in Huntsville, AL) relocated its Mobile ATM System to Pascagoula, MS in order to support a sister credit union and its local customers. Utilizing the Mobile ATM System's self-contained power generator and WIP wireless communications link (developed by M.A.T.T.S., LLC), Redstone FCU was able to provide live ATM (Automated Teller Machine) access to the devastated area and its many residents in need of cash.

The growth in demand for Mobile Banking Systems has been constantly increasing as financial institutions around the nation have discovered the cost efficiencies of operating Mobile Branch and Mobile ATM Systems. However, Redstone FCU has demonstrated a superior form of financial services by providing ATM services to those in need when and where they needed it the most.

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