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DATE: March 1, 1995



Mobile Automated Teller Terminal Systems, LLC (M.A.T.T.S.), a Reno, Nevada
based company that designs and manufactures Mobile Banking Systems for
financial institutions worldwide, is now offering a mobile ATM System that
hydraulically lowers two lobby type ATMs, independently, to ground level. Due
to their patent-pending, hydraulic-lift mechanism, it is now possible to lower
these taller ATMs to meet the A.D.A. (American Disabilities Act) requirements
for wheel chair access, in a mobile platform.

"In the past, the customer had to walk up and down stairs to reach the ATMs or
a person in a wheelchair would have to get into and ride up a wheelchair lift
to the interior floor of the mobile bank," explains Matthew Fuller, Senior
Partner at M.A.T.T.S. "A bank could run into a serious liability issue if
someone were to trip on the staircase and also had to pay an operator to be
present at the mobile to operate the wheelchair lift day and night. By
bringing the ATMs down to ground level, all the bank's customers can use the
ATMs on the side of the mobile by simply walking up to the ATMs, just like
they do now at a branch or a store."

This new side access technique developed by M.A.T.T.S. also allows a bank that
prefers to use an AT&T ATM to do so in a truly mobile platform for the first
time. "AT&T does not produce the smaller table-top type of ATM that we offer
in our current System, yet we had several banks tell us that this was their
choice of ATM at this time," explains Fuller. "It was necessary for us to
design a mobile ATM System that could utilize the AT&T lobby ATMs in order to
meet the requirements of these financial institutions". Fuller also pointed
out that they do not recommend one type of ATM over another.

M.A.T.T.S. is currently fulfilling an order for two of these new type of
mobile Systems for a large West Coast bank. As is true with all of the
M.A.T.T.S. Mobile Systems, this new System is a turnkey product that includes
all of the telecommunications, security, internal power and climate control
equipment that is necessary to operate a mobile ATM System.

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For more information contact:
Matthew Boga, Senior Partner
Phone: (775) 425-5100