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DATE: March 7, 2008

HEADLINE: MBSystems, LLC announces release of WIP4.

MBSystems, LLC is rolling out the latest in wireless ATM and Teller communications. WIP4 is 500% faster than previous generation wireless, more secure and lower cost than all its predecessors. This latest upgrade in the world of wireless data communications is specifically designed to support Mobile Banking applications. Unlike many laptop solutions developed to surf the net, WIP4 utilizes specific commercial bandwidth to provide its customers with the highest level of data security, maximum data thru-put, enhanced dependability for disaster recovery functionality and nationwide coverage.

Ownership of MBSystems is not made up sales people. Over the years many companies have come and gone in the Mobile Banking industry and even some of the other long term participants entirely shop-out communications and security functions to third party companies. Of course, this does create problems when the client needs support for those systems. Over the years, we have not only supported our technologies in-house, but we have also provided consulting services to those clients which purchased mobile units from sales oriented companies lacking in technical support or creatively adapted a unit of their own. At MBSystems, we do not outfit vans, we build Mobile Banking Platforms to support our client's Mobile Banking Programs. No where is this more apparent than in our relentless drive to provide our clients with the best cutting edge technologies designed specifically for the Mobile Banking Industry.

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