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Credit Union ATMs Hit The Road

The CASH Cow

"What's New" section of the Granite City Steel & Community Federal Credit Union's website : www.gcsteelcu.org

April 2000

Heard the latest? There's a cow grazing in the streets of Granite City.

Sounds strange, but its true! I's the credit union's new "Cash Cow," a mobile Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that can bring you some cash whereever you might be!

We're not looking to cause traffic accidents. We just want to serve our members in the most convenient way possible. P.A.T.T.I. the Cash Cow, painted to look like a black and white dairy cow, sports two ATMs and is decked out with the latest in technology to serve credit union members and anyone else in need of some fast cash. P.A.T.T.I. stands for Portable Automated Teller Terminal Implement.

The key is that the money will be brought to you - at special events and gatherings around town - instead of you having to track down an ATM on your own.

"The whole idea behind the Cash Cow was finding a better way to serve our members," said Stephanie Matlock, credit union EFT manager, and the one spearheading the mobile ATM project. "We will be able to drive the vehicle to places where members can get money when they need it."

And just like a regular credit union ATM, all transactions are free to GCS&CFCU members. Non-members will pay a nominal fee.

We plan to take the Cash Cow on the road to such events as the Madison County Fair, Tri-City Speedway, Granite City's Fourth of July Picnic, local sporting events, craft fairs, and just about any other special event where people might need some extra cash.