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Mobile ATMs

By Kelly Childs, Independent Banker


May 2000

"Our bank bought a mobile ATM last year, and I guess you could say we've gotten some mileage out of it," jokes Nat Bothwell, online president at Arkansas National Bank in Bentonville, Ark.

The $450 million-asset bank purchased a mobile ATM cargo van that zooms all around Benton and Washington counties, bringing cash to patrons of the region's many outdoor events like fairs, sports events and rodeos.

Once on-site, the ATM can operate completely cordless running off a generator supplied with fuel. It runs on the generator for power and then the ATM unit has a cell for communications.

The unit cost the bank less than $100,000.

"If you're looking at putting up an ATM stand complete with a kiosk-type building that is both heated and air conditioned, you'd probably spend $100,000 easily," says Bothwell. "The obvious benefit with the cargo van model is you can move it to where the people are. It's a great idea for areas that are frequented by tourists, and where there are festivals and other events."

He also says the mobile unit makes a great backup ATM. That allows the bank to continue service if trouble disables one of the bank's permanent ATMs.