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DATE: June 1, 1994

HEADLINE: Mobile Automated Teller Terminal Systems (M.A.T.T.S.) debuts at N.O.A.C.


Mobile Automated Teller Terminal Systems (M.A.T.T.S.), a Reno, NV based
company, is announcing the debut of the next generation in mobile ATM banking
systems. Its official debut will be on June 5th at the 1994 American Bankers
Association's National Operations and Automation Conference at the Moscone
Convention Center in San Francisco. Initial response from some of the largest
financial institutions in the nation has confirmed that many banks have been
waiting for a well thought out mobile ATM system.

The company was founded by two former bankers. Matthew Boga and Matthew
Fuller started M.A.T.T.S. after identifying the advantages of and trend toward
mobile ATM systems within the banking industry. Unlike the early conversion
units which adapted cargo vans or recreational vehicles, M.A.T.T.S. has
designed a System from the ground up specifically to address four major
banking applications: Community Service, Marketing, Fee Revenue and Disaster
Recovery. Both partners are prior employees of Bank of Hawaii which has
operated one of the few RV conversion type mobile ATMs for over three years.
Matthew Fuller was the manager of the ATM group and supervised the operation
of their mobile ATM. Matthew Boga was a Senior Telecommunications Analyst for
the bank. In January of this year, with the bank's blessings, they left the
bank to combine their expertise and integrate the latest in available
technology in order to design and produce the next generation of mobile ATM
systems. A system which addresses the flaws inherent to the early converted

Mobile banking is clearly coming of age as more and more financial
institutions look to such systems in order to provide bank access at temporary
high profile activities and prepare for unforeseen disaster recovery needs.
Once viewed as a high cost luxury, such systems are now a minor monthly
expenditure easily justifiable under the combined umbrella of marketing and
disaster recovery. Some early usage statistics released by banks utilizing
mobile ATMs have documented revenues exceeding costs and actually producing a
significant profit in addition to the public goodwill generated by providing
this community service. At the same time, many senior level bankers are
beginning to recognize the cost savings associated with utilizing mobile ATMs
as opposed to installing an increasing number of high cost "brick and mortar"
ATMs. With this type of "win win" format, it seems mobile ATM systems are
here to stay and we would like to introduce you to the next generation!

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For more information, please contact:
Matthew Boga, Senior Partner
Phone: (775) 425-5100