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DATE: July 14, 1999

HEADLINE: Mobile ATM System - Rental Program


The growth in demand for the M.A.T.T.S. Mobile Banking Systems has been constantly increasing as financial institutions around the nation have discovered the cost efficiencies of operating our Mobile Branch and Mobile ATM Systems. Many of our clients have full, annual event calendars in response to an active Mobile Banking Program within their community. However, we at M.A.T.T.S recognize our client's occasional temporary need for a Mobile Banking System to support a singular event or promotion. In response to that need, we have developed the first of its kind, Mobile ATM System Rental Program.

Our Rental Systems are turnkey units that offer both the ATM communications and transaction processing as part of the rental agreement. We can do as little as simply providing you with the System for internal operations or coordinate the entire project for you and handle all aspects of setup, operations, servicing and monitoring of the System.

Our Rental Units have large advertising areas allocated for your marketing billboards. We recommend that you make use of this space by displaying your institution's logo and current product promotions.

The following outlines the two primary rental platforms we have available today:

Full Service Platform: M.A.T.T.S. will provide all aspects of setup, operations, servicing and monitoring of the Mobile ATM System while at your event. System transportation to and from the site and ATM communications and transaction processing is completely performed by M.A.T.T.S. All you would need to do is supply the marketing billboard(s) that boldly announce your participation in yet another community event!

Self Service Platform: M.A.T.T.S. provides the Mobile ATM System and training for your Service Technician(s). The unit is picked up and returned by your employees to our facility in Reno, Nevada. The ATM communications and transaction processing will still be performed by M.A.T.T.S.

YES - you can surcharge per transaction to offset the costs - you decide the fee!

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