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DATE: September 3, 2001

HEADLINE: Additional wireless ATM communication links are successfully added to a Southern California application of the WIP technology communications solution.


M.A.T.T.S., a leader in the design and production of Mobile Banking Systems and application specific wireless communication solutions, has completed the addition of multiple ATM (Automated Teller Machines) wireless communication links to the WIP (Wireless Internet Protocol) technology communications solution installed in June of this year. All ATMs are up and operational.

The Southern California based financial institution has cited costly telephone company charges for dropping new ATM lease lines, and/or moving existing ones, as major incentives toward going wireless with a portion of its fixed-site ATMs. In addition, the WIP technology communications solution provides an excellent diasater recovery scenario because the WIP based links are not lease line dependent.

The WIP technology solution is also completely re-locatable, easily installed, secure (all data is encrypted over the link) and the solution comes with unlimited use for a fixed monthly airtime fee.


-- Supports most existing ATM protocols -
-- Compatible with NCR, Diebold, Fujitsu and others --

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