three flavors of full service mobile branches

Our mobile branch platform blends the functionality of a traditional lobby environment with the mobility of an MBSystem. Teller, new account, and ATM services can be provided via a single mobile branch unit - which explains why mobile branches have quickly become an integral part of disaster recovery plans nationwide.


Full-Size Mobile Branch

Our Full-Size mobile branch unit is a bus-based system that features ample interior room for teller and new account service areas. At up to 45 foot in length, the unit’s exterior acts as a true “mobile billboard”.

Key features:

  up to 296 sq. feet of interior service space available

  7 x 45 foot exterior marketing panels

  true “mobile lobby” performance


MidSize Mobile Branch

While smaller than our Full-Size mobile branch, the MidSize mobile branch takes advantage of a stretched cut-away chassis... offering more than 28 feet of self-contained functionality.

Key features:

  Full-Size performance (at a MidSize price)

  durable fiberglass shell acts as a clean, sophisticated billboard

  enhanced maneuverability due to smaller size


Mini Mobile Branch

Because the Mini utilizes a standard cut-away chassis, it’s an extremely cost-efficient mobile branch solution. Our smallest mobile branch, measuring 22 feet in length, this platform can be modified to support an externally-accessed teller window.

Key features:

  supports one internal new account desk

  supports exterior teller window and / or ATM

  our most affordable mobile branch

“When you see a mobile branch in the field... doing the job it was designed to do, it’s a beautiful thing.”

- Satisfied Customer

Standard Equipment

  wireless communications

  wireless security

  integrated battery backup

  internal security systems

  onboard generator

  automated climate control

  shore / generator auto switch

  GPS tracking (service optional)

  physical security bundle