with wheels or without, our wireless works.

Not ready to buy yet? MBSystems also offers a number of lease options - as well as a rental program for short-term engagements. Call us for details.

Ready to implement wireless technology throughout your fixed-site ATM network? We can help there too. Thanks to MBSystems, a number of institutions throughout the country are reducing their dependency on expensive leased lines - while preserving the security and reliability of their ATM networks.

The Advantages of Fixed-Site wireless:


Because the MBSystems’ solution utilizes wireless IP technology, it’s less expensive to operate than a traditional lease line connection.


Because it’s a second layer of connectivity, your institution is protected from a loss of ATM service due to a line cut or other physical damage.


Finally, because MBSystems has already perfected secure wireless communications, your wireless solution is, in many ways, more secure than your competitor’s direct-wire site.

Key features:

  wireless ATMs continue to run when lines are down

  easy ATM relocation without moving fixed-lines

  MB-grade wireless encryption and data security

  ease of installation: our links can be tested off-site

  compatible with most existing ATM protocols

  operational with NCR, Diebold, Fujitsu, Wincor, and others

  a low monthly airtime fee in lieu of lease-line charges

“Thanks to MBSystems, we’re doing things with our existing network that just didn’t seem possible 2 years ago.”

- Satisfied Customer

Did you know?

Converting just 20% of your existing fixed-site ATMs can protect your network from a lease line disaster. Not convinced? Ask us how.